A holistic microclimate model

ENVI-met (Core Model)

New Features

ENVI-met V4 is completly new in large parts of the model environment and features. After about 6 years of development, there is a huge list of new features introduced in ENVI-met V4. In this feature list below, features only included in the PROFESSIONAL version will be marked with “PROF”. Features labled with “Expert” are available only in our laboratory version or additional modules.

For the full model architecture description, a model version feature matrix and details see ENVI-met Model Architecture.

Model Geometry/ Model Features

  • Full 3D model geometry allowing to design even complicated environments
  • Thin single walls as elements (PROF)
  • Wall and roof materials can be assigned individually to each wall or roof segment

General model features

  • Calculation of solar access for ground surface and building walls (PROF)
  • Simple Forcing allows to force temperature and humidity profiles in 24 hourly values onto the model domain
  • Water Spray Evaporation (Water fountains, Mist disperser,…) (PROF)


  • Improved calculation modules for all variables
  • Simple forcing of air temperature and humidity in 2m level (24 h cycle)
  • Full forcing of all variables including wind speed and direction for coupling with larger scale models (Expert)


  • 3D Vegetation, interpreting the tree/bush/… as an integrated 3D organism
  • 3D Root Model interacting with soi water model
  • Advanded water stress modelling
  • Plant stress and health analysis (Expert)
  • Wind and strom risk analysis (Expert)
  • Water catchment potential (Expert)
  • TreePass (Expert)


  • Depth of soil system increased down to -5m
  • Temperature exchange within the soil is full 3D in all layers now allowing to simulate lateral heat flows
  • 3D Plant root system allowing to calculate object based water access and extraction data


  • Facades and Roofs can consist of up to 3 different layers of material
  • Full prognostic calculation of wall temperatures (7 node model) (Output only PROF)
  • Building zone model for estimating building indoor temperature (Output only PROF)
  • Detailed dynamic data of microclimate along the building envelope (PROF)


New Software Environment

The software environment was completely redesigned to support all of the new features, especially those in 3D. All input can now be edited visually, including the new database system. For details, refer to the ENVI-met Applications Homepage

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