A holistic microclimate model

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ENVI-met Version 4

Basic Performance: Getting started with Version 4

Download ENVI-met V4 Download the recent ENVI-met 4 software package (see below). Make sure that you have or get full read/write access to the install folder, otherwise the software won't work

Visit our Tutorial page and read the Start-Up Guide We have created a large number of tutorials on different levels. Checkout our Tutorial Page. Moreover, this very brief introduction will guide you through the first steps when using ENVI-met. To know more about the different ENVI-met modules, visit the model architecture section

Design-Simulate-Analyse Design your plans and constructions, Simulate them in ENVI-met and Analyse the impact of your design on microclimate and thermal comfort.

Questions? Lost? Problems? If you have any questions, check out our forum at http://www.envi-hq.com/index.php first. A free registration is required to read/post. Also, please visit our Knowledge Base homepage

Download ENVI-met V4

Below you will find the recent ENVI-met V4 release. From now on, there will be a Winter Release (around end of October to Mid November) and a Summer Release (around end of April) each year. The Winter Release usually brings new features to the system while the Summer Release is mainly dedicated to small updates and bugfixes. Users of the LITE (Basic before) Version must update to the newest versions within one month. In addition, there will be “Hot Updates” available if required to those who can't wait for the next official release.

ENVI-met LITE is limited to domains of 50 x 50 grids.

License Conditions

The license conditions depend on the version of ENVI-met you use. You need to agree to the exact and actual license conditions when installing ENVI-met. A general overview can be seen here: License Conditions

System Requirements

WINDOWS 7, 8/8.1 or 10 64Bit System. From Version 4.4.4, ENVI-met does not support 32 Bit Systems any more. ENVI-met might run in a virtualized environment, but calculate slower and will need non-standard settings.

Upgrading to full BUSINESS/ SCIENCE Version

The installation package found here can be upgraded from the trial LITE version to the BUSINESS/ SCIENCE version with a license key (no re-install required). For more information, please visit our web site: ENVI_MET Buy Now.

Already a user of the full version? Your key remains valid for all updates during the license time. If you install ENVI-met into the same folder like the previous version, your license will be updated automatically. If you install the new release into a different folder, please use your private and active as described in the accompanied PDF. Also see the notes in the download section below…

Parallel Computing/ Backward compatibility

ENVI-met now offers parallel computing in the BUSINESS and SCIENCE versions. Before you start using the new version, please read this section: Parallel Computing in ENVI-met

Installation remarks

With the Summer 19 release, a new license key system is introduced. If you have an old, still valid license key, you need to migrate it to the new version.

Important: You must have or get full read/write access to the install folder during install, otherwise the software won't work.


File Link Release Comments
ENVI-met 4.4.4 Winter19/20 (64Bit) V4.4.4 Winter 19/20 19 Setup | EXE-File, 80 MB 27th Nov 2019 Please start .EXE to setup to a folder you wish.
Old Winter 1819 Release for licensed users
File Link Release Comments
ENVI-met 4.4.2 Winter1819 V4.4.2 Winter1819 Setup | EXE-File, 80 MB 20th March 2019 Works only with a valid license!
Release Notes V 4.4.4 (Winter 19-20)
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