A holistic microclimate model


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   * [[Range Limiting]]   * [[Range Limiting]]
-In previous ENVI-met versions, it was suggested to calculate the turbulence field using the "​Update"​ method (Turbulence mode=1, see [[[TURBULENCE]]]-Section). In this mode, the TKE-e equation system was only solved in fixed time intervals until a stationary solution was found. This method was only introduced to keep the model executable on older computers. \\ +
-Today, we do not suggest to use the "​Update"​ mode any longer!\\ +
-Recent computers are strong enough to use the "​[[[TURBULENCE]|Continuous Mode]]"​ (2)!\\ +
-**As the old update method was a huge source of error and frustration,​ we have decided not to support it any longer in ENVI-met!**+
 ---- ----